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Healthcare Lighting Project

St Bernard's MHU Hospital

3 Bridges Mental Health Facility

Supplied a full range of LED luminaires from the main reception areas through to the patient bedrooms and everything in between.

Around eight years ago when LED technology was pretty much in its infancy we here at Vandalite embraced the potential of such technology and offered our range of luminaires to ?? architects practice who were working on behalf of West London Mental Health NHS Trust who had been commissioned to design a brand new Secure Mental Health Facility with the grounds of Ealing Hosptial. Initial tenders were accepted in principal with a view to us presenting our range of luminaires to a panel of engineers within the trust who would review the suitability of our product. We had a range of products commissioned for use due to the robust qualityy required , fit for purpose and the intergration of LED technology. External bollard fixtures to internal reception area lighting, corridor lighting and ultimatly the patient bedroom areas were provided and ongoing product development was undertaken through the design process of the building to meet the specific requirements of the Trust. A stringent testing procedure was undertaken by the trust and Kier Construction through the design process to ensure product suitability with various mechanical amendments being made to ensure the product met the strict requirements of such a sensitive area project. The client had a very specific vision of what they required for such a prestige brand new project. They needed the robustness of vandal resistant product whilst trying to retain a less institutionalised appearance to give the troubled patients a more relaxing enviroment to help with their care and rehabilition whilst staying or being treated at the facility.           

  • Safer Cell Fittings.
  • Latest LED Tech.
  • Antiligature requirement.
  • Fittings to accomodate internal smoke detectors.
  • Robust Vandal Resistant Fittings

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